Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. Carter's Coming of Age?

"And next time you mention Pac, Biggie, or Jay-Z don't forget about me"

Lil Wayne-"Mr. Carter"

Pac, Big, Jay-Z, and Wayne...? Sounds blasphemous right...or wrong?

Does "Mr. Carter" mark Lil Wayne's "Coming of Age"? Is this his transformation from "Best Rapper Alive" to one of the "Greatest of All-Time?" And is the man arguably rap's G.O.A.T co-signing?

Lil' Wayne's come-up is almost like a folk legend now. He shoots himself while posing in the mirror; he goes to college; he teamed with DJ Drama to create the highly successful Gangsta Grillz mixtapes Dedication I & II; his infamous cup of "purp" (or "lean," "drank," "sizurp," or other names) and "smoke sessions"; the growth seen in 500 Degreez, Tha Carter I, & Tha Carter II; the incredible number of songs & guest appearances; and the acknowledgment that he kisses his Daddy in the mouth. It's excess meets success.

The success has made Wayne a Hip-Hop superstar. It's created what could be called a "cult" following, making him one of the most downloaded, listened, "googled," watched, talked about, cited, and sought artist in the game.

It also has made him a target of ridicule. His unusual rhymes, disjointed narratives, and stream-of-consciousness style either invokes praises of genius or calls of garbage. There are those who see it as his courage to be different; his ability to be creative in a way no other rapper has ever been able to; and the characteristics that make his "swag" among the best in the game.

Thus Tha Carter III is Lil Wayne's attempt to create the mainstream musical success that will transcend him to pop star status; yet also to prove beyond a doubt that Weezy F. Baby deserves to be consider not just one of the best rappers of the time, but one of the best ever.

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